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DH Afternoons is a forum dedicated to supporting and celebrating Digital Humanities work being done by students, staff, and faculty on campus. Please join us to learn about the exciting advancements being made by the DH community here at UNL.

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Laura Weakly, Metadata Encoding Specialist, University Libraries All That Glitters Will Not Be Encoded: Fun Finds and Fiction in Historical Correspondence
Dr. Brian Pytlik Zillig, Digital Initiatives Librarian, University Libraries
Dr. Stephen Ramsay, Susan J. Rosowski Associate University Professor, English
Muybridge I
Linda Garcia Merchant, Doctoral Student, English

Telling a Lie, Praxis as Purpose: Teaching Intro to DH Estilo Chingona

Dr. Ng'ang'a Muchiri, Assistant Professor, English

A Rhetorical Reading of the 1902 Edward VII & Menelik II Addis Ababa Treaty

Luke Hollis, Founder and Engineer, Archimedes Digital

How (not) to run a digital humanities startup:
Building our shared digital cultural heritage and connecting creatively to artists and makers through the last five millennia

Dr. Effie Athanassopoulos Associate Professor, Anthropology and Classics

UNL Campus Archaeology: Building Digital Resources


Dr. Michelle Tiedje, Project Manager Genoa Indian School Digital Reconciliation Project
Dr. Jeannette Eileen Jones, Associate Professor of History and Ethnic Studies To Enter Africa from America: The United States, Africa, and the New Imperialism, 1862-1919
Jonathan Cheng, Doctoral Student, English Text Mining Physical Characterization in 20th Century Novels
Dr. Heather Richards-Rissetto, Assistant Professor of Anthropology Keeping Data Alive
Rachel Gordon, Megan Ekstrom, Riley Jhi, UCARE George Eliot Archive
Dr. Liz Lorang, Associate Professor in University Libraries, Courtesy Associate Professor in English
Dr. Leen-Kiat Soh, Professor of Computer Science
Aida: Image Analysis for Archival Discovery