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Kenneth M. Price Hillegass University Professor of Nineteenth-Century American Literature, English


Katherine L. Walter Professor and Chair, Digital Initiatives & Special Collections, Libraries

Effie Athanassopoulos

Effie Athanassopoulos Associate Professor, Anthropology; Fellow

Brett Barney

Brett Barney Research Associate Professor, Libraries; Fellow

Mary Bolin

Mary Bolin Professor, Libraries; Fellow

Peter Capuano

Peter Capuano Associate Professor; Fellow

Matt Cohen

Matt Cohen Professor; Fellow

James Coltrain

James Coltrain Associate Professor, History; Fellow

Karin Dalziel

Karin Dalziel Digital Development Manager & Designer, Libraries

Lorna Dawes

Lorna Dawes Associate Professor, Libraries; Fellow

Edward Dawson

Edward Dawson Associate Professor, Modern Languages; Affiliate

Jessica Dussault

Jessica Dussault
Programmer/Analyst II, Libraries; Fellow

Amanda Gailey

Amanda Gailey Associate Professor, English; Fellow

Nicole Gray

Nicole Gray Research Assistant Professor, English

Carrie Heitman

Carrie Heitman Associate Director
Associate Professor, Anthropology; Fellow

Melissa Homestead

Melissa Homestead Professor, English; Fellow

Katrina Jagodinsky

Katrina JagodinskyAssociate Professor, History; Fellow

Andrew Jewell

Andrew Jewell Professor, Libraries; Fellow

Jeanette Jones

Jeannette JonesAssociate Professor, History & Ethnic Studies; Fellow

Sarah Karle

Sarah KarleAssociate Professor, Architecture; Affiliate

Liz Lorang

Elizabeth Lorang Associate Dean, Libraries; Fellow

Kevin McMullen

Kevin McMullen Postdoctoral Research Associate, English; Fellow

Catherine Medici-Thiemann

Catherine Medici-Thiemann Lecturer & Women's and Gender Studies; Fellow

Ng'ang'a Muchiri

Ng'ang'a Muchiri Assistant Professor, English; Affiliate

Kaci Nash

Kaci Nash Research Associate, Libraries

Andrew Pederson

Andrew Pederson DISC Office Associate, Libraries

Brian Pytlik Zillig

Brian Pytlik Zillig Professor, Libraries; Fellow

Stephen Ramsay

Stephen Ramsay Susan J. Rosowski Associate University Professor, English; Fellow

Emily Rau

Emily Rau Willa Cather Archive Specialist, Libraries; Fellow

Heather Richards-Rissetto

Heather Richards-Rissetto Assistant Professor, Anthropology; Fellow

Beverley Rilett

Beverley RilettLecturer and Research Assistant Professor; Fellow

Philip Sapirstein

Philip Sapirstein Assistant Professor, Art History

Robert Shepard

Robert Shepard Assistant Professor, Geography; Fellow

William Thomas

William G. Thomas, III John and Catherine Angle Professor in the Humanities; Fellow

Michelle Tiedje

Michelle Tiedje Project Manager, Libraries

Sean Trundle

Sean Trundle Assistant Professor of Practice, History; Fellow

Greg Tunink

Greg Tunink Programmer/Analyst II, Libraries

Isabel Velázquez

Isabel Velázquez Associate Professor, Spanish; Affiliate

Laura Weakly

Laura Weakly Metadata Encoding Specialist, Libraries; Fellow

Adrian Wisnicki

Adrian Wisnicki Associate Professor, English; Fellow


Jason BouggerSystem Administrator Computing Operations and Research Services

Tom NagataComputer Technician/LAN Administrator Computing Operations and Research Services

Stacy RickelProgrammer/Analyst Computing Operations and Research Services


Susan Belasco Emerita Professor, English

Judellen Thornton-Järinge Emerita Professor, Libraries