Affiliate & Fellow Nominations


Center for Digital Research in the Humanities (CDRH) Affiliates shall include faculty and staff members who 1) have significant involvement with a CDRH-maintained digital project; or 2) have an interest in the intersection of digital methods with humanities disciplines; or 3) hold an administrative appointment that involves work with the CDRH, either on specific projects or in an advisory capacity. Affiliates are encouraged to attend CDRH functions, but are not required to attend meetings, participate in committees or CDRH governance, or share in the other responsibilities of CDRH Fellows.

Affiliates may be self-nominated or nominated by CDRH Directors, Fellows, and Staff. Nominations should be made to the Associate Director (Carrie Heitman), and Affiliate status will be determined by a vote of the Directors, Fellows, and Staff. Affiliates interested in expanding their involvement with the CDRH are eligible to become CDRH Fellows upon completing the process described in Article IV, Section 1c of the Center for Digital Research in the Humanities Governance Document.

Current Affiliates: Edward Dawson, Sarah Karle, Isabel Velázquez


CDRH Fellows shall include UNL faculty and managerial/professional staff whose main focus of scholarship in the disciplines is related to digital humanities or is expressed through digital means. Fellows are expected to engage in innovative digital scholarship, explore research questions that engage technologies, and conduct original, substantive scholarship that will attract grant funding and/or recognition for the University and the Center. Fellows are elected by a majority of the existing Fellows and will hold the position for 5 years.

Prospective Center for Digital Research in the Humanities Fellows may either submit an application directly to the Chair of the Fellows for consideration by the existing Fellows or be nominated by an existing Fellow. Applications should include a current CV and a 2-page statement of interest.

The process for Center for Digital Research in the Humanities Fellow renewal is the same. All applications and nominations will be considered and voted on by existing Fellows, the Directors, and Associate Director on a regularly announced schedule. The quality and consistency of engagement with digital humanities research, teaching, and service will be the primary considerations in the evaluation of applications and nominations.

Current Fellows: Effie Athanassopoulos, Brett Barney, Michael Burton, Peter Capuano, Matt Cohen, Lorna Dawes, Amanda Gailey, Nicole Gray, Carrie Heitman, Melissa Homestead, Katrina Jagodinsky, Jeannette Jones, Elizabeth Lorang, Kevin McMullen, Catherine Medici-Thiemann, Ng'ang'a Muchiri, Brian Pytlik Zillig, Stephen Ramsay, Emily Rau, Heather Richards-Rissetto, Timothy Schaffert, Robert Shepard, William G. Thomas, III, Sean Trundle, Laura Weakly, Adrian Wisnicki

If you have question or would like to submit an application, please contact Heather Richards-Rissetto. See the Center for Digital Research in the Humanities Governance Document for additional information.