Pilot/Prototype Application Questions

Below are the questions for the Pilot/Prototype CDRH Project application Form. These are provided as a convenience so you can consider your answers before filling out the form.

Pilot or prototype applications are for digital humanities work that is at an early stage of development. Generally, a pilot project will not be permanently hosted on UNL library servers but rather have a short-term lifespan in order to build a proof of concept or demonstration project. Such applications need not be accompanied by other sources of support.

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File Upload

You will be asked to upload these files:

  • Applicant CV + Additional CV: These should be short, two page CV's that highlight relevant experience. If you have more than 2 co applicants, please combine the CV's into one file.
  • Additional File: (optional) Use this field to upload one additional file to support your application. For instance, if figures are necessary, save them into a PDF or word doc and reference them in your text as needed (i.e. "see figure 1"). You can also use this for an additional CV or other supporting materials.

Team Members

  • Please list all team members, their institutional affiliations, and their respective roles (e.g., PI, Co-PI, consultant, etc.). This list can include individuals who might work with you in the future (e.g., not yet hired students, potential collaborators, etc.).
  • Maximum word count: 100

Project Idea

  • What are the research questions or research objectives this project is proposing to address?
  • Maximum word count: 500

Humanities Significance

Scholarly Impact/Teaching Potential

  • What scholarly impact and teaching potential does this project have?
  • Maximum word count: 500

Alignment with CDRH Vision and Mission

Project Goals

  • Specifically, what would you like help building? Are there examples of projects you’ve seen at UNL or elsewhere that are similar to what you envision? What work is the CDRH expected to do? What resources would the CDRH host? Are there specific platforms you’d like to use for your project?
  • Maximum word count: 500


  • What will be produced as a result of this project? Please list this project's deliverables. Examples may include a public facing website, a data set, or a collection of digitized materials
  • Maximum word count: 100


  • Describe your plans, if any, for pursuing external funding for your project. If the budget supports work done by the CDRH staff, please describe the support or attach a draft budget here.
  • Maximum word count: 100