Nebraska Forum on Digital Humanities 2014

Digital Histories and Digital Authorship

Nebraska Forum

The 2014 Nebraska Forum on Digital Humanities was held at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln on April 10-11, 2014. A public lecture on Thursday, April 10, "Teaching, Writing, and Researching in the Digital Age," opened the Forum. On Friday, April 11, invited scholars shared their research and led discussion around the Forum's central theme, "Digital Histories and Digital Authorship."


Thursday, April 10

Matthew L. Jockers (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), T. Mills Kelly (George Mason University), and Ruth Mostern (University of California, Merced) opened the event with the public lecture "Teaching, Researching, and Writing in the Digital Age."

A public lecture was held Thursday, April 10, at the Great Plains Art Museum.

Friday, April 11

Vanessa Holden (Michigan State University), Ben Schmidt (Northeastern University), Kyle Roberts (Loyola University, Chicago), and Amanda Visconti (University of Maryland) spoke about their researchfollowed by a roundtable discussion on a range of issues related to digital histories and digital authorship.

Abstracts and bios for all Forum participants are linked above or you may view the complete list.

Digital Humanities Bootcamp

The UNL History Graduate Student Association and the Department of History are sponsored a Digital Humanities Bootcamp in advance of the Forum, April 9-10, 2014. The Bootcamp was intended to help scholars "get started" in digital humanities, and presentations focused on learning the basics and applying digital technologies to humanities research. For more on the Bootcamp, see

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